Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Season 7 of OTH

Season 7 of One Tree Hill has been really good. Even though Hilarie Burton [ who played Peyton Sawyer ] and Chad Michael Murray [ who played Lucas Scott, who the show was essentially based around ] are no longer a part of it. I still find it funny how they got rid of Chad since the show was based on his life. I really didn't think they'd have him leave. Maybe Hilarie, but not both of them. It's crazy. But the season is so good you kind of don't even think about them since they haven't been mentioned since the first or second episode when it's Jamie's [ Haley and Nathan's son ] birthday and Lucas and Peyton send him a gift. They brought back the character Rachel that was there when they were in highschool. She's married to Dan Scott. Which is crazy. I love nice Dan though. Rachel's crazy but you gotta love her! They have Julian there as a permanent character I'm assuming. I love Julian and Brooke together. They're so cute. Given, Lucas and Brooke should still be together, but Peyton's a boyfriend stealer so that couldn't happen. But Julian's a cutie, I love him :) They brought a new actress on to play Haley's sister Quinn. Her and Bethany Joy Galleoti [ Haley James Scott ] really look alike like they could actually pass as being related. There's lots of drama in Tree Hill, as usual. I honestly didn't think this season would be this good without Lucas there but I guess I was wrong. The writers seem to be working their magic, which is always good. Hopefully this isn't the last season cause I really would have withdrawals.

Watch it if you don't already! Best show EVER <3

Mondays @ 8pm on the CW!

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