Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Everyone knows its Braaaad!

Everybody Loves Raymond's Brad Garrett [ who plays Ray's brother Robert ] has a new 7 up commercial out. It makes me laugh everytime :) Kinda even makes me want a 7 up even though I don't drink soda:

The joke is that his character is usually really cranky and not "bubbly" like that. Gotta love it.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Music Monday

Forever by Drake featuring Lil Wayne, Kanye West && Eminem

Lalalalalove this song!

"i used to want this thing forever, yall can have it back!"

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Scary Movie Sunday

Today I saw 'The Stepfather' and I must say I really liked it. It stars Penn Badgley who's Gossip Girl's cutie Dan Humphrey. It's one of those movies that they show you something at the beginning so you know the guy is bad and you wanna yell at the characters on screen for being so blind. I caught myself doing that a couple times. But it has plenty of surprises and 'O-M-G' moments too. You won't see this ending coming. Two thumbs up. Definately worth the money! Go see it!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Russian Roulette Eh Eh

Rihanna just recently released her first single since the Chris Brown incident. Some are saying it's too violent and brings a bad message to fans. Others say she's kind of "acting out" because of what went on between her and Chris. But it's important to remember that Rihanna did not write the song herself. Ne-yo wrote it. Ne-yo. Not Rihanna. So unless they wanna say Ne-yo is "acting out because of Chris Brown" they should probably think before they speak. I personally like the song. I love Rihanna's voice. She's an amazing artist and not afraid to take risks. But I will say I'm not really feeling her new blonde hair-do. But hey whatever makes her happy!

Some are worried that some fans may take the song too literal and serious and [perhaps] commit suicide, or atleast attempt. Yeah maybe there's a small percentage that would take it there but there are plenty of other songs where artist's say things that talks about harming someone but that doesn't mean that people are gonna listen and go kill someone. Just because you listen to Lil Wayne doesn't mean you're gonna go out and buy a bottle of cough syrup and drink it. So yeah people need to relax!

Enjoy the song!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Zero is N0T a size;

Zero is not a Size.
Lisa Goldstein as Millicent of One Tree Hill a few weeks back in the episode "Believe Me I'm Lying"

Love this picture, and Lisa looks gorgeous. Even though her character isn't always my favorite on the show she is a really good actress. Gotta give her that! And I love the show writers for doing this it really does send a good message to girls, especially ones with body issues. Just another reason why it is my absolute favorite show!

Catch it at 8pm, Mondays on the CW!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Who's the baby daddy?

Just finished watching One Tree Hill and I'm so torn. I don't think Renee's baby is Nathan's but she seems so convincing. Nathan wouldn't cheat on Haley, consciously atleast. Maybe he was drugged. Maybe it's Clay's. Maybe it's Dan's?! Okay that last one is very unlikely. But Nathan would never deny any child, because that in itself would make him like his father. And that my friends is no bueno! Atleast to him anyways.

I loved Brooke's [ Sophia Bush ] dress tonight! It was so cute. I wonder what season it is there though? Hmmm. And her makeup looked amazing as usual.

Music Monday

Some songs and/or video's to check out :)

Shawty is a 10 - The Dream ft. Fabolous
I love the way this video is made with the colors.
^ There's no video for that one, copy and paste to watch!

Gonna Be Okay - Tynisha Keli
Absolutely love her voice and this song.

Baby - Ashanti
Throwback from the Princess of R&B;

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Scary Movie Sunday

With Halloween coming up there's lots of scary movies out/on tv. I figured I'd recommend a few every Sunday seeing as how I love horror movies.

The first I would recommend is The Uninvited. It is one of my favorites now! It's crazy and will keep you guessing all the way until the end!

The second one I'm gonna suggest is Prom Night starring Brittany Snow as the main character Donna. Donna and her friends are all just enjoying their senior prom but little do they know danger is right aroundthe corner, literally. Kellan Lutz from Twilight stars in this, as well as Idris Elba who recently starred in Obsessed along-side Beyonce and Ali Larter. It's a good movie, the kind where you find yourself yelling at the screen. Check it out. Even if you're not a 'scary' movie lover you might enjoy this, it's more of a thriller than horror movie.

Up, Up and . . In the attic?

I'm sure by now everybody's heard of 'Balloon Boy' right? The boy, Falcon, who the whole world believed was up in the sky in a hot air balloon that his family made. Sidebar why would you name your kid Falcon? He's not a bird....Now my first question was why would anybody have a hot air balloon just chillin at their house? Well I guess his family members are 'storm chasers' Random, but whatever floats their boat I guess? But anyways it turns out he wasn't in the balloon and was hiding in the attic? And they really couldn't find him? Or really believed he was floating through the air? I honestly don't think so. On a CNN interview he said 'I thought we did it for a show.' busted! How in the world could you do something like that? Better yet, why?? They had millions of people all over the world worried about this kid and he was home all along? I mean they had all these people and military watching out for the balloon and for it to be a hoax is really twisted. Hopefully the real truth comes out and they get fined for that stunt they pulled.

On another note what kind of parents would teach or tell their kids to lie like that. Especially with the way, if it was a hoax, it backfired. Now this kid is gonna be known as balloon boy for a very long time. Unless it wasn't the parent's idea at all but I find it very hard to believe that the kids came up with that on their own. And now poor 'balloon boy' is clearly traumitized seeing as how he got sick twice in one day on live tv when asked why he did it. Unless that too is a scheme for pity and he purposely made himself sick. I guess everyone will just have to wait and see.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Chris Brown vs Rihanna: who's gonna win this fight?

So it's official Rihanna has joined twitter! Her first tweet says:

@Rihanna The Wait Is Ova. Nov 23 09

Which means that her album is coming out then finally! My question is since Chris Brown's album Graffiti is probably coming out soon who's album do you think will be more successful? Will it be Chris Brown because of all the girls that just love him reguardless of anything he's done? Or will it be Rihanna because she hasn't done any interviews or spoken out about the incident. I think Rihanna's will be more successful because people are gonna want to see if she addresses the issue between her and Chris. I personally lost so much respect for Chris Brown, because what he did was so wrong and I think it is so twisted that some of his girl fan's don't care about what he did and say that Rihanna "deserved it" if some guy hit you, would you feel the same way then? Chris is an amazing artist and performer, I'll give him that but I have a feeling he will have lost some of his fans and audience from this. Now if he has a good song, sure I'll download it but I'm for sure not buying that whole album. Rihanna on the other hand I probably will. There's always two sides to every story, and maybe I'm biased because I'm a female but domestic violence is never, ever okay. Violence in general isn't okay. Hopefully Rihanna speaks out through her music so that young girls will see that it is not okay for a man to ever hit you! Period. Point blank. The End.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Saving Lids Saves Lives *

If you eat yoplait yogurt, SAVE YOUR PINK LIDS!

Mail clean lid(s) to:
Save Lids to Save Lives
P.O. Box 420704
El Paso, TX 8854-0704

Yoplait will donate $0.10 per lid up to $1.5 million to Susan G Komen for the Cure for each Pink lid received by 12/31/09.

So save and send them in! Even if you only send one in, help make a difference.

Saving Lids Saves Lives.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Season 7 of OTH

Season 7 of One Tree Hill has been really good. Even though Hilarie Burton [ who played Peyton Sawyer ] and Chad Michael Murray [ who played Lucas Scott, who the show was essentially based around ] are no longer a part of it. I still find it funny how they got rid of Chad since the show was based on his life. I really didn't think they'd have him leave. Maybe Hilarie, but not both of them. It's crazy. But the season is so good you kind of don't even think about them since they haven't been mentioned since the first or second episode when it's Jamie's [ Haley and Nathan's son ] birthday and Lucas and Peyton send him a gift. They brought back the character Rachel that was there when they were in highschool. She's married to Dan Scott. Which is crazy. I love nice Dan though. Rachel's crazy but you gotta love her! They have Julian there as a permanent character I'm assuming. I love Julian and Brooke together. They're so cute. Given, Lucas and Brooke should still be together, but Peyton's a boyfriend stealer so that couldn't happen. But Julian's a cutie, I love him :) They brought a new actress on to play Haley's sister Quinn. Her and Bethany Joy Galleoti [ Haley James Scott ] really look alike like they could actually pass as being related. There's lots of drama in Tree Hill, as usual. I honestly didn't think this season would be this good without Lucas there but I guess I was wrong. The writers seem to be working their magic, which is always good. Hopefully this isn't the last season cause I really would have withdrawals.

Watch it if you don't already! Best show EVER <3

Mondays @ 8pm on the CW!

Ja and Ashanti?

So Ja Rule and Ashanti performed on the VH1 special last night, "Hip Hop Honors" The only performance I caught was "Always On Time" which is pretty classic if I do say so myself. I love that song! My question is when are they gonna make another hit together? Or even apart for that matter. The most recent hit I can think of from Ashanti is "The Way That I Love You" which is a great song. The video for that is crazy, I love it. But when is she gonna make some new stuff? I heard she was off Irv Gotti's label now, don't know much about that. But if that's the reason for no new music from her then somebody better take her under their wings because she has an amazing voice. As for Ja Rule, he's been kind of M.I.A lol where has he been the past few years? He usually makes some pretty good music too. Especially with Ashanti ;)

Listen to Always On Time and Mesmerize by Ja and Ashanti! Love those songs :)