Thursday, May 27, 2010

Greyson Chance

Below is a video of 6th grader Greyson Chance performing "Paparazzi" by Lady GaGa at his school talent show:

This kid has such an amazing voice for someone so young and is definately going places. He recently appeared on the Ellen Show and then he came back on the show yesterday where it was announced that Ellen herself is signing him to her own record label that she just decided to start. The label is called 11:11 (not sure if that's how it's written but you know) So we'll probably be hearing a lot more from Greyson in the future!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bella and Rosalie Scene!

Eclipse, the next installment in the Twilight Saga comes out June 30th and this is the newest scene to be released I believe. It's the scene where Bella confronts Rosalie about hating her. Check it out:

I love this scene and I LOVE Nikki Reed. She's legit my favorite actress! I'm so amped to see Eclipse since she's in it a whole lot more than she was in New Moon :)

Stereotypes . .

Why as a world are we so stereotypical? Everyone's been guilty of it at one point or another and while it's wrong, it happens every single day. The white girl did this, because she's white. The mexican guy did that, because he's mexican. The black girl did this and blah, blah, blah. Why can't we just say, this PERSON did whatever it is that they did. Or why can't a person act a way without "acting" like "they want to be black" or talk "like a white person?" Everybody has their own personality, race/skin color does N0T determine how a person is, should, or will act. If we were all like everyone else that's in the same race group as us life would be very boring. Every once in awhile a stereotype may be true but we should think before we say something of that nature cause how would we feel if someone judged US that way? We all bleed red and we all breathe the same air. We all need food and water to survive. We're all human. White, black, tan, purple, green, blue - we're all human, forget about color.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Music Monday . . On Tuesday

I didn't get on the computer yesterday and I feel bad for neglecting my blog lol so here's my Music Monday but on Tuesday. Better late than never, si?

Happy - Leona Lewis

I love love love this song. She has such amazing vocals.

Quote :)

Don't let your mouth write checks your heart can't cash.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Birthday R.Pattz!

Happy Birthday R. Pattz ♥

Today's everyone's favorite vampire's birthday, Mr. Robert Pattinson <3 Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and of course Rob will be on Oprah this afternoon. Can't wait to see that. On another note though there's been talk that Ashley Greene (who plays Alice cullen) and Kellan Lutz (who plays Emmett Cullen) may not be back in Breaking Dawn because of salary issues. They aren't being offered nearly enough as they should be seeing how much money this whole Twilight Mania has made/makes. Hopefully they are though because to replace them for the last movie, well 2 movies because they have to split it up, would be dumb. They're CULLENS you CAN'T get rid of Cullens that everyone's used to can you?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Music Monday

Airplanes - B.O.B feat. Hayley Williams

Newest single from B.O.B featuring Paramore's Hayley Williams. I love her voice && this song. The lyrics are ill too.