Friday, April 3, 2009

Diddy Blog! Diddy Blog!

Anybody that watches Making the Band 4 should know how Diddy does his "Diddy Blogs" or whatever. Something to think about: he's always so amped up and stuff when he's talking to us and if you read his tweets on twitter its like all amped up like that too (as long as you read it right) And when he's on the show he's forever on his phone or blackberry whatever it is, texting or doing whatever and he ALWAYS has a straight face on. I wonder if when he writes out his amped up tweets if he has that straight face on? LOL it'd be madd funny if he did!

Umm what else.. That lady that tried to stab her 2 year old daughter with scissors and choke her to death with the dryer cord or whatever it was is sick! Like how could you try to kill your own daughter, the person you gave life too! If you didn't want her or couldn't handle being a mother then she could've put her up for adoption or had somebody else in the family take her. She's an innocent child she didn't do anything to have her life taken from her. Clearly theres something wrong with the mother mentally but still I really don't have any compassion towards her because that's just sick what she did to that poor little girl.