Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Moon/One Tree Hill

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I can't wait for this movie to come. I kinda think this one WILL be better than the book, maybe just a little bit, just because alot of New Moon is kind of depressing after Edward leaves and Bella's left alone. But since most of the books are Bella's thoughts I'm assuming they'll probably leave alot of that out and just incorporate it in different ways to go along with all the action in it.

Next subject. Last night was the season finale of One Tree Hill. It was like a happy ending for everyone, excluding Dan who I feel sooo bad for. I swear he's changed and just nobody will forgive him. Like when he goes to see Peyton and asks to hold the baby and he says "she's the only one in my world who doesn't know what I've done." That soo made me wanna cry! I feel so bad for him, I mean I know he killed his own brother and I liked Keith too but I wish they'd just forgive the poor guy before he dies from his heart condition. Speaking of Peyton I really thought that they would have her die since she pretty much confirmed that she wasn't gonna be on the show anymore in a youtube video. But there's rumors that Lucas is leaving too and I don't think thats smart because the show is based around HIS life. Now I love Brooke, Nathan, and Haley and all of the other characters but I'm really gonna be mad if like Lucas and Peyton and the baby leave town and if they were setting that up with them "taking a ride" and showing them riding away then that's really messed up like I don't feel like waiting to find out whats gonna happen. Like ugh! They didn't end it the way I wanted, like I said it was a NICE ending, but it gives you no clues as to whats gonna go down in the next season.

Monday, May 11, 2009


LOL Cocktail's ill. I really hope Ray J doesn't end up breaking her heart! For serious.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Manny Ramirez suspension

So yesterday Manny Ramirez got suspended for 50 games for using a "performing enhancing drug" and yes I know the news reported that the players get pamphlets explaining what is and is not allowed but it wasn't even a steroid. Not saying that I don't think he should have been punished for that because he should've asked his doctor about what was in it but it was really a fertility drug. And this is what I wanted to talk about people are like pretty much making fun of Manny saying "Oh what is he trying to get pregnant?" Umm shut up they DO give guys that sometimes if they're trying to have kids so maybe him and his wife Julianna were trying to get pregnant again and were having trouble and I respect him for not challenging the suspension because if he did challenge it then his family would be all in the media which isn't fair to them so I really respect him for that. I just think people need to get all the facts straight before they say something even if they are kidding around.