Thursday, September 1, 2011

Poor Aruba :(

It seems like whenever someone wants to commit a crime nowadays they go to Aruba. Aruba’s supposed to be “one big happy island” and I can vouch for that, they definately ARE !! Ever since the disappearance of Natalee Hollaway they’ve kind of had dirt on their name and it’s SUCH a shame because the people there are S0 friendly and the island is beautiful. Now another girl who went to do modeling there supposedly is missing or was found dead. I haven’t been really following the story that much but I know that something happened to this girl. It’s sad because a really nice place is being put in the news for all the wrong reasons. You think you’d be safe because you’re in paradise but in reality you can NEVER let your guard down anywhere. I hope they figure out what happened so that poor girl’s family can have some answers and hopefully nothing else bad happens in Aruba to make that beautiful place seem like an unsafe one.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lady GaGa . . .

Lady GaGa’s just trying T00 HARD to be weird nowadays? People might hate me for this post but hey, my blog, my opinions. I didn’t even watch the VMA’s but I turned the tv on and saw her dressed up like a dude. Like why is that even necessary? How is that making a “statement” or whatever. Her other outfits I can say she was trying to express her “creativity” reguardless of how weird they were but really, you dress up like a dude? I’ve seen people say she kind of looks better as a dude than a chick and not to be mean lol but I kind of agree. I really did like her at first, but after Paparazzi and Lovegame and all those songs, I stopped. Her new stuff doesn’t really impress me. She has a great voice and all but I think she can make better stuff.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Life doesn't last F0REVER;

Life really doesn’t last forever. You hear all about the violence going on and young people getting killed and it’s true you never really know when your last day could be. More importantly you never know when the last time you might have with your family members may be. Especially grandparents. Spend as much time as possible with them because who knows when they could be gone? How would you feel looking back, knowing you could have spent time with them and didn’t? Tell people you love them all the time, it could be the last time they ever hear it 0R you get to tell it to them. Not to say be paranoid && scared all the time, just cherish your time with you family and friends, take lots of pictures, make lots of memories. It’ll be worth it when you’re older and looking back on things.

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Team Sammi;

I know that most people HATE Sammi from Jersey Shore and I understand why, because I started to hate her after the way she acted in some of the episodes. But after I watched the new episode before the VMA’s last night my opinion totally changed. YES, it technically was Sammi’s fault that the big fight that caused Mike to go to the hopsital happened, BUT Ronnie’s been wanting to fight him right along. Ronnie is the one that needs anger management classes or something because when he’s drunk he’s crazy. Sammi didn’t help that situation by bringing up what Mike had said but obviously it was bothering her so she said something. What girl in love wouldn’t do that? Theeeen what REALLY urked me is the fact that all the roommates tried to blame Sammi for their toxic relationship. N0, it takes two people N0T just one. Ronnie was being shady right along calling girls while still in Italy. Like doesn’t that matter? Then he brings Sammi home roses AFTER they broke up to prove “he wasn’t an asshole” and is surprised that she’s confused about it? Who wouldn’t be confused about that? Sammi’s in love and unfortunately love makes people do crazy things. So I’m definately Team Sammi now, Ronnie needs to go somewhere.

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Hm . .

So I haven't been on blogger in F0REVER. I'm still addicted to tumblr [ lamariexo.tumblr -- follow me if you have one ] but the thing I really D0N'T like about tumblr is that you could write an amazing post and only get 1 or 2 notes on it but when you post a picture of something or a celebrity you can get hundreds or thousands. Like I posted a picture of Tia Mowry pregnant and got over 300 notes. I'm really grateful and that's super cool but sometimes I wish I'd get more recognition on my writing. Therefore, I think I might start posting on here too. Or atleast cross posting [ I think that's what it's called lol ] I've been blogging about stuff alot more lately which I'm very proud of myself for because I stopped for awhile and I really missed writing. Buuut I do start classes again next week so there might not be as many posts as before but I'm gonna try =)