Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lady GaGa . . .

Lady GaGa’s just trying T00 HARD to be weird nowadays? People might hate me for this post but hey, my blog, my opinions. I didn’t even watch the VMA’s but I turned the tv on and saw her dressed up like a dude. Like why is that even necessary? How is that making a “statement” or whatever. Her other outfits I can say she was trying to express her “creativity” reguardless of how weird they were but really, you dress up like a dude? I’ve seen people say she kind of looks better as a dude than a chick and not to be mean lol but I kind of agree. I really did like her at first, but after Paparazzi and Lovegame and all those songs, I stopped. Her new stuff doesn’t really impress me. She has a great voice and all but I think she can make better stuff.

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