Friday, October 23, 2009

Russian Roulette Eh Eh

Rihanna just recently released her first single since the Chris Brown incident. Some are saying it's too violent and brings a bad message to fans. Others say she's kind of "acting out" because of what went on between her and Chris. But it's important to remember that Rihanna did not write the song herself. Ne-yo wrote it. Ne-yo. Not Rihanna. So unless they wanna say Ne-yo is "acting out because of Chris Brown" they should probably think before they speak. I personally like the song. I love Rihanna's voice. She's an amazing artist and not afraid to take risks. But I will say I'm not really feeling her new blonde hair-do. But hey whatever makes her happy!

Some are worried that some fans may take the song too literal and serious and [perhaps] commit suicide, or atleast attempt. Yeah maybe there's a small percentage that would take it there but there are plenty of other songs where artist's say things that talks about harming someone but that doesn't mean that people are gonna listen and go kill someone. Just because you listen to Lil Wayne doesn't mean you're gonna go out and buy a bottle of cough syrup and drink it. So yeah people need to relax!

Enjoy the song!

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