Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ja and Ashanti?

So Ja Rule and Ashanti performed on the VH1 special last night, "Hip Hop Honors" The only performance I caught was "Always On Time" which is pretty classic if I do say so myself. I love that song! My question is when are they gonna make another hit together? Or even apart for that matter. The most recent hit I can think of from Ashanti is "The Way That I Love You" which is a great song. The video for that is crazy, I love it. But when is she gonna make some new stuff? I heard she was off Irv Gotti's label now, don't know much about that. But if that's the reason for no new music from her then somebody better take her under their wings because she has an amazing voice. As for Ja Rule, he's been kind of M.I.A lol where has he been the past few years? He usually makes some pretty good music too. Especially with Ashanti ;)

Listen to Always On Time and Mesmerize by Ja and Ashanti! Love those songs :)

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