Sunday, October 18, 2009

Up, Up and . . In the attic?

I'm sure by now everybody's heard of 'Balloon Boy' right? The boy, Falcon, who the whole world believed was up in the sky in a hot air balloon that his family made. Sidebar why would you name your kid Falcon? He's not a bird....Now my first question was why would anybody have a hot air balloon just chillin at their house? Well I guess his family members are 'storm chasers' Random, but whatever floats their boat I guess? But anyways it turns out he wasn't in the balloon and was hiding in the attic? And they really couldn't find him? Or really believed he was floating through the air? I honestly don't think so. On a CNN interview he said 'I thought we did it for a show.' busted! How in the world could you do something like that? Better yet, why?? They had millions of people all over the world worried about this kid and he was home all along? I mean they had all these people and military watching out for the balloon and for it to be a hoax is really twisted. Hopefully the real truth comes out and they get fined for that stunt they pulled.

On another note what kind of parents would teach or tell their kids to lie like that. Especially with the way, if it was a hoax, it backfired. Now this kid is gonna be known as balloon boy for a very long time. Unless it wasn't the parent's idea at all but I find it very hard to believe that the kids came up with that on their own. And now poor 'balloon boy' is clearly traumitized seeing as how he got sick twice in one day on live tv when asked why he did it. Unless that too is a scheme for pity and he purposely made himself sick. I guess everyone will just have to wait and see.

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