Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jersey Shore "Guidettes"

While I was watching Jersey Shore I noticed Jwoww didn't look as Italian as the rest of the cast but I never really paid too much attention to it, because hey different people have different looks. But I JUST learned this morning she's not even Italian at all! She's Spanish and Irish. What kind of Spanish I'm not sure. She addressed the issue on her twitter saying that being a "Guidette" is a lifestyle not a race/ethnicity. Snooki on the other hand looks like a full blood Italian right? Well it turns out she's half Italian and half Chilean [ which is also Spanish for those that didn't know ] I didn't know this while she was on the show but learned it from a radio interview she had. But I read on a bunch of websites saying that she's all Chilean. Not true she's only HALF! Either way everybody loves Snooki :) && I can't wait for the second season of Jersey Shore.

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