Tuesday, February 9, 2010

For The "Love" Of Ray J . . ?

The reunion for For The Love Of Ray J Season 2 was last night. And not gonna lie, I watched. There was drama with the girls which is to be expected but what was kinda shocking is when they had Jaguar come up and talk with the host, who I have no clue who she was, and Ray J. Jaguar revealed she still had feelings for Ray J and he reciprocated and said that he still liked her ALOT and wishes he hadn't sent her home so soon. Which is all great and dandy but he already picked his "love" Mz Berry. Well it turns out that Mz Berry hadn't seen him for 5 months since they wrapped filming the show. Which is pretty ridiculous seeing as how he has private jets and the means to go see her and fly her out. To make matters worse, or more interesting, however you wanna look at it, Cocktail from season 1 was there to give Mz Berry "advice". She told her that Ray flew her out the next week after filming was done. And Mz Berry hasn't seen him in 5 months?! What kind of "love" is that? Other contestants had even seen him since they finished filming. Even Cocktail had seen him when Mz Berry didn't. Cocktail was pretty much warning Mz Berry that Ray isn't a one woman man. And I think she deserves respect for that because like she said to Ray she wished someone had been there to warn her about him. It ended up being more about Cocktail and Ray going back and forth about how she and him were supposed to be cool and why is she doing him like that. She kept repeating over&over how Ray always said to her "I ain't on that Hollywood sh*t, I ain't on that Hollywood sh*t." pretty much trying to prove that he "can't be tied down" if you will. Mz Berry is very classy and held her composure well. I felt so bad for her though because they didn't even really get to talk about HER AND RAY J which is what the end of the show SHOULD have been about but it wasn't. I'm not really sure if having Cocktail there was a good idea or not. Obviously it was good for ratings, because drama = higher ratings. It was entertaining if nothing else. But it was kind of sad to see how visibly upset Cocktail was about how he did her. Ray did try to turn it around and say she had girls in her room too?! Whatever that is about. He is a sweet talker. If I was around him I'd be fooled too. Or maybe he has in fact changed. But that's still no excuse not to see Mz Berry in FIVE MONTHS when you've seen other girls from the show who you didn't even pick. I guess we'll see how their "love" plays out or if there will be a season 3. Honestly wouldn't doubt it.

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