Friday, November 5, 2010

Fans . .

It's basketball season and of course being from Boston I am a Celtics fan. Team Celtics all day! I L0VE my team and obviously still love them if they're losing. What I find extremely annoying is when people trash talk whoever their team is playing against. Just because. That seems so childish to me. I know sports are competitive but still. It's annoying. You don't need to talk trash about a team just because you don't like them. If they are a HORRIBLE team and the stats prove it, go right ahead and say stuff. But when a team is good and has good players it seems so pointless to run your mouth about them to their fans. It doesn't change anything. If your team is losing, it won't make them not lose. Why waste your time? I like people that are respectful fans and can watch a game and acknowledge that both teams did a good job and worked hard. Simple as that.

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