Tuesday, November 9, 2010


It annoys me SO BAD when people complain that they’re broke and have no money. It’s one thing if you have bills to pay and what not. Or if you’re living on your own and have to buy your own food, etc. But if you waste your money on stupid things it is Y0UR fault that you’re broke. Like for example when people need to buy a new outfit for every night that they go out. That’s ridiculous. I love to shop and love clothes and looking nice but you need to draw a line somewhere. Or if you’re a dude, with no job, and all you do is waste your money on video games: that’s you’re fault! Maybe it’s just cause I’m good with money that this bothers me so much but I just can’t feel bad when people complain about something that is easily changeable. I wish people would just be smart and use their money on those things in moderation because THEN they wouldn’t be having a problem.

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