Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lindsay Lohan

Usually I really don't care about celebrity gossip and all that but this I do care about. Lindsay Lohan. Whyyy does she keep getting out of her jail sentences. She needs that jail sentence, in my opinion, to give her a wake up call. Yeah she may be going to rehab but is that really gonna help anything? Because to recover from a drug and alcohol problem you need to realize that a.) you have a problem and b.) you need to want to get better. She just doesn't seem to understand that. Nobody is indestructable. I think Lindsay has such high potential and it's being wasted because she's so wrapped up in the addiction. Look back at how cute she was in the Parent Trap. She is such a good actress. She just needs to get her head back in the game and recover. Otherwise there's gonna be another young life lost to drugs and that'd just be a shame.

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