Monday, March 15, 2010

5 Tips For Headache Sufferers

All my life I've suffered from headaches and migraine headaches. But this past year they were really bad and I finally found some things that actually DO HELP! So I thought I'd share because I know many people suffer with the same thing as me every single day.

One: Put an ice pack on the back of your neck. No matter where your headache is! There are a lot of "trigger points" in the back of your neck that can contribute to headaches. If your headache is in your temples, which is where I get mine, put an ice pack there as well.

Two: For really, really bad headaches try Excedrin: Migraine. It in most cases WILL WORK or atleast take the edge off.

Three: But since Excedrin has alot of caffeine as well as acetaminophen and aspirin, both of which are bad for your stomach if you take too much of it so only take the recommended dosage which is usually 2 pills per dose, go to the drug store and buy some magnesium pills. It was prescribed to me by my neurologist but you can also buy it over the counter! Magesium is all natural unlike excedrin, tylenol, or motrin. Magnesium actually did help my headaches let up so I highly recommend it to people with headaches.

Four: If that doesn't do it for your headaches try adding Vitamin B2 pills. This is another pill that my neurologist recommended to me! It also helped too. You should take them on a daily basis if you get chronic headaches so it'll help as a preventative.

Five: Sometimes caffeine will help your headache go away. I wish that was the case for me but it's not! This is why there's caffeine in Excedrin migraine. Coffee, ice tea, a soda may all help your headache pain subside. Drink in moderation though because too much caffeine isn't good for anybody.

I hope these tips help someone else with migraines and headaches! But I am not a doctor if you do get serious migraine headaches constantly you need to go see a doctor to make sure there's no serious problems because everybody's headaches can come from different sources. They can do an MRI of the brain as well as a CT scan to make sure there are no other problems. There are other medications they can try you on for your headaches but maybe try bringing up the magnesium and vitamin b2 pills to them! Something natural is always better than just un-needed chemicals!


  1. Thanx, those are good tips. I used to be able to get rid of my migraine with one ibuprofen and a nap but that stopped working. Now I actually take one 600mg ibuprofen and a 500mg acetaminophen together plus a little bit of coffee. That's the only thing that works right now. I'll try the magnesium and the B2 pills though.

  2. you're welcome i'm glad you found them helpful! jeez they must be really painful to have to take all that medicine. i couldn't take stuff like that with that high of a dosage cause i have stomach ulcers and that'd be bad for them lol. but definately try it and lemme know how it works out!