Friday, March 27, 2009


I really don't get why everybodys making such a big deal about Rihanna's new tattoo. So she got guns tattooed on her? What's the big deal? What cause she was just in the news for the whole her and Chris Brown thing? Like leave the girl alone I'm sure other celebrities have tattoo's that are more violent than that. I think it looks cute:
Oh and I'm so sick of all these Chris Brown groupies saying that "she deserved it" and "she probably started it" like I know we don't know exactly what went on in the car with her and him but I think it's pretty ridiculous that they're saying she deserved it. Would you want to get beaten up by your boyfriend and have your life threatened?! I don't think so! Just because you sweat Chris Brown doesn't mean you should say what he did was right because "she started it/deserved it" It's just not right, a man should never hit a woman so they really need to stop with all that stuff.

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