Wednesday, March 25, 2009

President Obama

So last night I was watching Obama give his speech on tv and everytime I watch him it makes me like him even more. I hate that I'm not 18 because I so would've voted for him. Maybe if he runs again after his term is up I'll get to vote with him, if I still like him this much lol. He just seems so down to earth and like he cares about people. So much more relateable than other presidents, atleast in my opinion. Maybe it's because he's the youngest president we've had since JFK? Who knows, I just know I like him. One thing I don't think is fair is that people aren't really realizing that he's only been in office for about 60 days, give the man a break it's gonna take time to fix 8 years of damage. Atleast he cares about his people, saying that he wants to create programs to make sure homelessness decreases because he says everybody deserves to have a roof over his head. Which makes me think of that day at one of his speeches when an older women spoke up about how she was having problems because of the economy if I remember correctly and he actually was going to do something to help her. Would Bush do this if someone asked him? Probably not. On another note, I think it's annoying how people are so critical about what our president and first lady are wearing. It's not like their being unproffesional and walking around in say sweat pants and wife beaters. Like leave the man alone, he's doing his job. So what if he doesn't have a tie and full suit on all the time? And Michelle shouldn't be criticized for wearing sleeveless outfits and anything else she wears. She always looks nice, so what's the problem?? She's not an old lady like past first ladies were, why should she have to dress like one? Last I wish I was an Obama just so I could have a swingset (like I used to lol) and a puppy! Alrightyy well thats it for now.

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