Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So earlier this week 6 [ I believe it was 6 ] people got arrested here in the United States on suspician of being spies for Russia. First off is it not 2010? Why are there even Russian spies anymore? Isn't all that stuff over, like aren't we in the wrong time period with all that? It doesn't make sense to me. What does Russia even expect to find on us? I didn't even know they didn't like us still LOL Are they planning to drop an atomic bomb or something on us? Because honestly I think we're more powerful and have more things to benefit us than they do them. It just makes no sense. All this does remind me of an episode of Boy Meets World though when Cory's parents were "Russian spies" in a dream he had. Madd funny. Anyways yeah, I just found that odd when I heard it on the news. But they can just get out of our country if all they're gonna do is "spy".

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