Monday, November 23, 2009

My New Moon Review

So New Moon, the second installment in the Twilight Saga came out this Friday, November 20th. It broke tons of records including midnight showings. I saw it yesterday and I have to say it really was good. There's ALOT more action like I predicted there would be. So with that said a guy might like it for that reason alone. The werewolves were so crazy and huge! I didn't picture them that big when I was reading the books. I think they did a great job making New Moon from book to movie. When Bella hears Edwards voice in the books, they make it so she can actually see AND hear "him" Which is a good touch because otherwise our dear Edward Cullen wouldn't have been in the movie as much. There were also a bunch of LOL moments. Charlie, Bella's dad was funny. And Bella's friend Jessica was hilarious. Just her personality is just funny because she's so clueless and doesn't think before she speaks. Then of course, there's Jacob played by Taylor Lautner who had to bulk up for the movie. I'm sure shirtless Jacob switched a bunch of people from Team Edward to Team Jacob. One thing I didn't like was that the Cullens weren't in it much, which was expected because they leave Forks, in the book and the movie, which is dissapointing because I love my Cullens! Alice and Edward are probably in it the most. Another thing I noticed that kind of urked me a little is that Rosalie's [ played by Nikki Reed ] hair looks different from the movie. I've read that she wore a wig because first of all apparently when they dyed it for the first movie her hair almost fell out and because she's legit only in the movie twice. Hopefully they find a better wig or just dye it for Eclipse which I'm so happy to say comes out June 30, 2010! And once you see New Moon, you'll be fiending for Eclipse just because of the way they end it. So two thumbs up! I don't think I could really dislike the movie to be honest though but hey that's me.

Eclipse is my favorite book from the series so I can't wait to see how that plays out on screen. Can't wait to see more of Edward && all the Cullens! Hopefully they'll start filming Breaking Dawn Soon because if they only did 3 of the books that'd seem dumb to me.

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