Saturday, April 3, 2010


Bullying is sooo serious. And it is so unnecessary. When someone considers taking their life because they can't deal with the name calling and the bullying SOMETHiNG iS WRONG. 15 year old Phoebe Prince hung herself because she was constantly bullied from September-January when she took her own life. She had just moved here from Ireland. How awful is that? A 15 year old ending their life, when their life has barely even begun is tragic. The teachers and school officials knew about it and they didn't do more to help stop it. No matter what they did, it wasn't enough because she is no longer here anymore. Dealing with name calling everyday at school AND cyber bullying through facebook, AIM, or text messages on a daily basis would be exhausting for someone of any age but ESPECIALLY a 15 year old who probably already is self conscious. She was such a pretty girl too. Parents as well as schools need to do something, change something. Any child taking their life because of someone else needs to be stopped. Who taught these kids it was okay to be mean to someone else for no reason? Or because they were jealous? Or different? Or had an accent? It doesn't matter. It needs to be stopped and prevented. I can't believe some of the students that lead Phoebe to taking her life are still at that school acting like nothing happened. They should have been expelled. How can they even go to sleep at night knowing what they caused? I feel like they should be court ordered to go to some sort of program or have to perform community service because it's not right. Treat others how you want to be treated.

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