Friday, December 18, 2009

10 Holiday Gift Idea's

Christmas is getting closer and closer by the day. Seven days to be exact. Hopefully most of you have gotten most of your shopping done but if not here is 10 idea's incase your stumped on what to get someone!

One A dunkin donuts gift card. America runs on Dunkin -- enough said. Almost everyone loves dunkin donuts!

Two A gift certificate to a nail salon [ for the ladies, or guys of course if they want ] that way they can get a manicure, fill-in, pedicure, whatever they want!

Three An iTunes gift card. Who doesn't have an iPod now-a-days?

Four Decorate a frame and put a picture of you and a loved one in it for them. Very personal and inexpensive.

Five Bath and Body Works gift basket, or gift card. What girl doesn't like to smell pretty?

Six The Twilight Saga books by Stephenie Meyer [ Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn ] you can get all 4 together now. Great books for people of all ages.

Seven Cologne. For the guys, obviously.

Eight Send a plant as a gift. They have really pretty Christmas plants that you can choose from and there's tons of websites to choose from. OR send a fruit/candy basket. They have really interesting and pretty looking baskets for those too.

Nine If you're tight on a budget, bake something, put it in a cute little bag with a bow and there's a nice gift for your co-workers. If you don't bake, grab some candy and you're all set.

Ten Last but not least on the list: Money. You can't go wrong with money. Some people are just too hard to shop for because they have everything already. Get a nice card and put some money in there. OR [ I guess this could be 11 but it'll stay under 10 LOL ] go to the mall and get a mall gift certificate so they can choose whatever store(s) they want to buy something from.

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